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In desperate need of help

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I can't believe this wbsite totally blew away another response I've written!

Anyway:  This post by Starrshine is total BULL.  I've used Paypal for years.  What you're reporting isn't possible.  Paypal doesn't let you withdraw money from strangers, they can only pay you.  And Paypal doesn't utilize account numbers for sending money to someone, it uses email addresses (which are then linked to account numbers that only the person with the password knows.  Somewhere YOU messed up and allowed something to happen to you that should not have happened.

And wishuponahero is an awesome site that required NO PROOF or "personal documents" (Maybe you're thinking of

Again, make sure info you post here is correct.  

Oh, and if you can think of a 100% guaranteed safe and convenient way to give or receive financial assistance, please let us know!

 in response to Starshine...   

Microgiving and Wishuponahero are not good. I joined them both and they want personal documents. NEVER put your personal documents on the computer.Too many people see them. I refused to let them have my personal documents.Never use paypal either. Some people ask for money to be put into their paypal account. Too many people's bank accounts have been wiped out totally by paypal. Paypal stole all my money I had in my saving account. I sold an old piano a few years ago and had $100 in the bank.I joined a site that was supposed to help people. I gave them my paypal account #.Someone sent me $50 to my paypal account . I wanted to withdraw some money and when I tried I was told my balance was 0.  Paypal stole every thing.


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Sorry to hear your medication is so expensive. Have you tried 

In my blog

is the deal called free gas and you could check to see if it helps. 

There is a place called microgiving

I know of a couple people who have used it.

Good luck


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 in response to ICEVERYTHING...   

I get the brand Novolin from Wal-Mart for $25 a bottle. Their stuff is co-branded Relion and it sells much cheaper than other places. I went to Walgreen's and they wanted $60 and my local grocery pharmacy wanted $50.

I use both long acting and short acting insulins to keep everything in balance. So, I end up paying $50 a month. Of course, everything's expensive when you have no money, but it's not a bad deal considering today's medication prices.

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 in response to hoss20...   What was I thinking?  I only saw the last post about not eating.  Now I understand.  May I ask:  What does insulin cost?  I really have no idea.
 in response to ICEVERYTHING...   Man, that sounds really good. Unfortunately, I have no way of getting there and at this point, anything I eat is just going to send my blood sugar through the roof. That would not be good right now. I appreciate the offer, joking or not, and it's been a while since I've had a pizza. Thanks for the response. 
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Dude, tell me the address of the nearest Dominos or Papa John's and I'll order you a pizza and have it waiting. 

 in response to whoknew...   Thanks for the link. The closest one I could find was the one that I called. After having not eaten in so long and my blood sugar condition, I'm a little worried about walking so far. Considering the alternative, though, it doesn't look like I have much choice. Thanks for the response. I really appreciate it.
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the closest homeless shelter I could find for you was 14 miles away... the best I can suggest is this link below - you may be able to find assistance from

tarrant county 211 

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